Here at Inhabitat we’ve showcased a host of amazing structures made from repurposed bottles, but we’ve never a project as polished and sleek as this. The Far Eastern Group sponsored this three story “EcoARK” movable Fashion Pavilion for the 2010 Taipei International Expo. The just-finished structure features walls made entirely out of plastic bottles and it’s built to withstand earthquakes and hurricanes. These aren’t your average-joe coke bottles, however — they’re POLLI-Bricks by miniWIZ!

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EcoARK is the world’s lightest, movable, breathable environmental miracle,” said Douglas Hsu, Chairman of the Far Eastern Group. Though POLLI-Bricks have been used here on a grand scale in the EcoARK they can be used to make anything from a vase to a garden wall to a house. Just a small amount of silicone is placed between the bricks to make a bond between their specially designed interlocking structure.

It took 1.5 million POLLI-Bricks to make the sturdy EcoARK. The 130 meter long structure is completely deconstructable — it can be taken apart and reassembled at another location, kind of like a giant LEGO building. To top off the eco-cred the building was engineered to withstand large earthquakes and typhoons. Sounds like Taipei will be able to repurpose this building for a long time to come.

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