Slovak company Ecocapsule has just debuted their newest egg-shaped micro-unit — SPACE, a tiny mobile home with semi off-grid capabilities. Developed as a more affordable alternative to the fully off-grid Ecocapsule ORIGINAL, SPACE starts at the base price of €49,900 (about $56,380) and comes with a removable solar panel instead of a wind turbine. Like the original Ecocapsule, this new compact mobile home sleeps up to two people within about 68 square feet. 

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an egg-shaped white unit with windows and solar panels. in the background is a rocky beach

After launching the mass production of its first Ecocapsules in 2018, the company has shipped Ecocapsules around the world from the United States to Japan. In response to demand for a more affordable option — the Ecocapsule ORIGINAL was priced at €79,900 (about $90,278) excluding VAT — the company launched SPACE. While the Ecocapsule ORIGINAL can operate entirely off the grid with 880W of solar power, a low-noise wind turbine and rainwater collection, the new SPACE is only semi off-grid with a removable solar panel in place of the wind turbine. 

a white, egg-shaped unit on a green lawn in front of a white building with windows

Designed for multipurpose use, the SPACE features an open plan and includes a built-in lightweight plywood cabinet wall and laminate flooring. Clad in insulated fiberglass, the exterior measures a little over 15 feet in length, over seven feet in width and over eight feet in height. The default installed power system includes 200W of solar power and 1.2 kWh of battery capacity. Electric installation and external hookups to a 110/230V grid are pre-installed, as are a smart home system and sensors. Heating and AC are optional. SPACE can also be customized with additional add-ons. 

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interior of the unit, featuring white walls and furniture. a bed is set into one end of the unit

“Based upon demand of our customers we’ve made SPACE affordable for broader customers scale, and more comfortable to use. Besides green energy collected by solar panels SPACE can also use energy from the grid, which makes it more user-friendly,” said Tomáš Žáček, founder, Design Director and CEO of Ecocapsule Ltd.

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