Long gone is the myth that eco-friendly and sustainable design comes at the sacrifice of style. EcoDesign (fully revised and updated) is the ultimate one-stop resource for all those looking to completely immerse themselves in an eco-conscious lifestyle, or those who just want to pick-up a few new green-friendly pieces. With more than 700 product listings from clothing, kitchenware, electronics, and furniture in an easy-to-navigate, color-coordinated collection, ecoDesign is an incredible catalog and resource for both seasoned professionals and the everyday consumer.

Edited by Alastair Faud-Luke, a professor of green design at Falmouth College of Arts in England, ecoDesign also incorporates a history of sustainable design, lists of designers, manufacturers, green organizations and general “eco strategies” that can be incorporated immediately into everyday life. EcoDesign is an undeniable answer to the question “Can we design a sustainable future?” YES, it’s already here.

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ecoDesign: The SourcebookRevised Edition

ecoDesign shows by example that being environmentally friendly doesn’t mean sacrificing high style.” – I.D. Magazine

“The directory of designers, manufacturers, and suppliers at the back alone is worth the cover price.” – Metropolis

“To live the waste-not, want-not dream, memorize the list of contacts at the back of the book”. -Washington Post