This past Thursday, GE’s ecomagination celebrated it’s two year anniversary in style at GE’s Universal Studios theme park, relaying the success of the program and announcing 11 new ecomgination products, services, and projects- all based on the ideal that green business is good business. In case you don’t know, Ecomagination is General Electric’s company-wide environmental initiative to decrease pollution from its products and increase research and development on cleaner technologies. Last time we wrote about ecomagination, we sparked an interesting conversation about greenwashing – many readers raised the question as to how effective and/or genuine such a corporate sustainability initiative actually is. We’re still open to discussion, but we’re inclined to support any effort to commit such resources to more responsible products and development.

Inhabitat was invited to be onsite and witness the festivities, the panel discussion, and the special appearance by the sustainable Governator himself, Arnold Swarzenegger. It is clear that GE’s CEO Jeff Immelt truly believes that investing in green is not only friendly for the environment, but good for business growth. To achieve these green goals, he has formed strategic alliances and partnerships with a variety of industry leaders to make sure that GE is a leader holistically when it comes to sustainable issues.

GE, EcoMagination, Sustainable Resources, Green Homebuilding

Among the announcements at the press conference was the unveiling of the World’s First Hybrid Locomotive and GE’s blueprint for green homes, a homebuilding program in partnership with Masco Contractor Services and RWO Acquisitions to provide a complete package in energy efficient homes.

GE, EcoMagination, Sustainable Resources, Green Homebuilding

“Customer demand for the most advanced, most fuel-efficient and least emissive technologies is what sparked ecomagination,” said GE Chairman and CEO Jeff Immelt. “Increasing demand from our customers is what is making it succeed beyond our expectations.

“Green is happening everywhere across GE,” Immelt said. “From our transportation products to renewable energy to clean water to how e make television shows and movies to home building and mortgages, green is truly universal at GE.”

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