What if building your own house was as easy as snapping together a bunch of LEGO bricks? Brace yourself: just such a set of industrial-sized building blocks exist, and they’re made from 100% recycled materials to boot! Designed by Ecomat, these colorful interlocking bricks are light weight, earthquake resistant, and can be used to build practically any structure you can think up.

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Designed for both permanent and temporary constructions, Ecomat building blocks can be used to create sturdy structures in a snap. The 100% recycled plastic blocks provide good thermal and acoustic insulation, don’t require a specialized building team to install, and can be mounted without the use of mortar, which significantly speeds up construction times. Their versatility makes them a great building material for developing nations or emergency housing applications, and their light weight offers significant shipping emissions savings over heavier materials.

Constructing an entire Ecomat building is easy thanks to the blocks’ interlocking design. As for the roof, you’re on your own for now — there’s no snappy shingle-shaped blocks as of yet. The brilliant building blocks are currently on display at Milan Design Week in the “Sparkling: Ecologically Correct” show in Zona Tortona.

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