TerraCycle has been rocking the upcycling world for a while now by collecting trash from their consumers to make colorful accessories from packaging. Now they’ve teamed up with EcoNation to make a chicer version of their existing designs, and a few new gadgets that we’d like to get our hands on. We tested them out at the Go Green Expo in New York City.

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The line includes passive iPod speakers, iPhone cases and digital card readers. The new EcoNation accessories come in one uniform shade of grey. The plastic in the gadgets is created by melting down snack bags into tiny pellets and using the pellets to create casings. The speakers and card readers run off of phantom power from your iPod or computer and don’t require their own power source. The inner workings of the card reader and speakers include some non-recycled elements but most of the product’s plastic comes directly from what otherwise would have been trash.

We’re really digging their passive speaker iPod boombox — it will be perfect for summer days at the beach. We jammed out to some sweet tunes last weekend at the Go Green Expo and were surprised by the speaker performance. The sound isn’t going to blow your ears off but it’s louder than we expected and has a crisp quality. EcoNation also makes cork accessories for your iPod.

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