This week’s prefab breaks out of the hard-lined modern box with a beautiful soft-shelled structure that finds elegance in its simplicity. That’s right – it’s a Nomad Yurt! SoCal based Ecoshack has updated the ancient shelter with a modern construction that is light, flexible, and composed entirely of eco-friendly materials. The airy shelter is perfect for a summer’s eve spent stargazing, an impromptu backyard gathering, or anyplace that a peaceful private space is desired.

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Ecoshack set up shop in 2003 as an experimental design lab based in Joshua tree, CA. Since then it has developed into a collective of architects, designers, artists, and others who are passionate for change. Formulated with the freewheeling mantra of “Lighten Up”, Ecoshack’s designs are inspired by “the ad hoc, indigenous and archetypal typologies typically found at the fringes of society and culture.”

Few designs are more tried and true than the traditional Mongolian yurt, which Ecoshack has spruced up with a beautiful wood platform, a sturdy bamboo structure, and a protective weatherMAX cover. Notcot has some great photos showcasing the Yurt’s perfect balance of sunlight and shade, and it provides for efficient ventilation via an air circulating chimney effect. The versatile structure is eminently portable, measures 120 square feet, and takes about a half hour to set up.

Image credit: Jean Aw of

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