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Amsterdam’s Carve design bureau invited 10 European design firms to create innovative projects that would appeal to all ages, encourage play, and help make the new Governeursplein Square more fun and interactive for members of the community. The Energy Carousel’s swirling peppermint canopy shelters a series of swing ropes hung at different heights. There are handles for pulling and seats for sitting on the lower levels – children can use the seats to swing back and forth to generate power, while adults and older kids can grab onto the hanging ropes and pull them in a circle to spin the carousel.

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The carousel stores all of the kinetic energy made by swinging and pulling the ropes in a battery beneath the playground’s surface. Each night at dusk, the stored energy is put to use, lighting up lamps within the carousel. More interactive play during the day makes the LED lights last longer at night. The carousel gives the neighborhood a fun and interactive new meeting place while teaching adults and children about renewable energy.

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