Here’s a quirky design guaranteed to warm up those chilly winter nights. The EcoSmart Fireplace is a flue-less, transportable, open fireplace which is ideal for apartment and city living. Designed to provide the coziness of a traditional fireplace without the negative environmental impact, the EcoSmart fireplace burns denatured ethanol (a renewable energy source).

The fuel is housed in a stainless steel chamber called the EcoSmart Burner. Once the fuel is burnt there is nothing to clean or clear. EcoSmart Fires can be free standing, wall mounted, or fully fitted into a range of personalized finishes, shapes and colors.

In case you were worried about emissions (I was a little skeptical at first) – apparently the combustion of denatured ethanol releases water steam and carbon dioxide. The ratio of CO / CO2 passes standards for flueless gas fireplaces and the amount of Carbon Monoxide is negligible. I wonder what it smells like though? Has anyone tried this? This sounds pretty cool, but I’d love to get reader feedback from anyone who has actually tested this baby out.

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