Remember when you were a kid and the worst thing about art day was those terrible Magic Markers. They gave you all those crappy off colors, smelled funny, and scratched terribly against paper when they were dry. Worst yet you had to toss out all that plastic once you were done with them. EcoSmart World has something better in mind with their eco-friendly markers that you can even refill.

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Refillable markers are a brilliant idea that somebody should have come up with years ago. Think of all the disposable markers we could have left out of the garbage. But that’s not all, EcoSmart’s refillable ink is non-toxic so it won’t have any of those weird odors that you might have hated )or secretly liked) as a kid.

If you want to give these eco-friendly makers a shot you can grab a six pack (with black, blue, red, green, purple, and orange) for just $8.50. To give your tot some real swagger, though, you can get the same set of markers plus six ink refills for each color and an organic cotton pouch to carry it all for just $40 on sale right now.

+ EcoSmart World