We all love an evening campfire – be it out on a fishing trip, whooping it up down by the beach or sitting in our own outdoor entertainment zone. However, what is hard to justify are the pollutants and dioxin emissions that spew forth into the atmosphere from these coal and timber fuelled fires.  Taking the guilt away from this relaxing toe warming past-time, world-renowned fireplace designers, EcoSmart, have introduced their version of the modern day campfire, which uses clean bioethanol burning Ecostix.

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Designed by acclaimed Barcelona based designer Hiroshi Tsunoda, the bioethanol fuelled EcoStix creates heat, steam and carbon dioxide – the latter which absorbed by plants in the natural process of photosynthesis. The kindling-like stainless steel sticks are splayed around a 3 litre burner which can burn steadily for up to 8 hours, and with padded feet can be easily shifted from one location to another – even indoors if you so desire. 

Whilst you won’t quite get the smell of musky pine needles or hear the crackle and pop of a traditional campfire, you can still stare into the mesmerising flickering flames, feel the warmth on your cheeks and be happy knowing this is one clean burning unit. 

The EcoStix has been selected as a finalist in the Australian International Design Awards.

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Via State of Green

(Images courtesy of the Australian International Design Awards, a division of Good Design Australia)