Whether you’re an advocate of low-footprint living or a space-restricted city dweller looking to get the most milage out of your dining room, Ecosystems’ brand new transforming Bada table may be just the piece you’re looking for. Crafted entirely from reclaimed walnut, the slick table features an ingenious design that transforms into a loveseat with a flick of the wrist, saving on both the space and materials consumed by multiple pieces of furniture.

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Here at Inhabitat we’re huge fans of multifunctional furniture, so we were thrilled to get a first look at Ecosystems’ new Bada table at this year’s BKLYN Designs. The Bada desk on display was a pre-production model crafted from found lumber sourced by Terramai and finished with natural oils that are safe enough to be applied with bare hands. To pull off the piece’s grand reveal, simply insert a credit card into the thin slot at the table’s side and slide it through to disengage the locking mechanism. Badabing! A lovely cork-padded loveseat flips out from the frame.

The table is due to go into production soon, and future models will be crafted from FSC certified wood. You’d be hard pressed to find a more refined piece of double-duty furniture, which is why we decided to award the Bada table with our BKLYN Designs Best of the Show editors’ choice award. For pictures of our other award winners, plus general footage from the show, check out our 2009 BKLYN Designs Highlights and BKLYN Designs photo gallery!

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