Note to “little monsters”: No live cats were used in Gaga’s costume.

We’ve all gone a little gaga at times, but even that’s an understatement for Angelina Barnes, a 20-year-old Oklahoma native who has been charged with animal cruelty. While “prettying up” to attend a Lady Gaga concert, Barnes allegedly killed and dismembered her family’s cat for its blood, which she smeared onto her face before being discovered by an unidentified relative. Investigators found purple hair dye and blood all over the bathroom, along with—brace yourself—the gruesome remains of the 15-year-old tabby, which Barnes drowned, sliced open, and mutilated. Oh and its liver was discovered inside a nearby makeup case. That’s not all: At a local hospital, Barnes also threatened a nurse with a glass shard. Barnes was previously diagnosed with depression, but we remain disgusted and mournful as we think of all our fine feline friends. Click below for a video of the news broadcast.

+ KFOR News

[Via The Huffington Post]