Neiman Marcus is pushing technology as well as fashion, by adding two 3D printed products to their catalog. In a partnership with Shapeways, the retailer will offer customers an engraveable heart pendant and a desk sculpture, both 3D printed. By offering the tech-savvy goods, Neiman Marcus hopes to assert itself as being both cutting edge and fashionably forward.

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The online catalog will offer their first piece of 3D printed jewelry, a swirling sterling silver heart pendant. Designed by Roger Pearce, the necklace is actually a double heart, with one inside the other. A two initial monogram can be printed into the inner heart, which is then polished by hand. The 3D printed necklace will set you back $295, while the desk sculpture is a little more. Designed by Bathsheba Grossman, the 3D Printed Orb Stainless Steel Sculpture is a fluid spherical shape of interlocking arms. The sculpture, a symbol of mathematical symmetry, is offered up for $395.

The plunge into the 3D printing world is being attributed to Neiman Marcus’ chief merchant, Gerard Barnes, who wants to thrust the company into the future of design. The best part of these two pieces, is that they are printed to order, leaving Neiman Marcus with no surplus inventory should the experiment prove unpopular.

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