Made in New York City’s historic Garment District from Tencel and deadstock fabric, Vetta offers a V-neck blouse that can be worn forward or backward, a short-sleeve tunic that turns into a crop top when tied at the waist, a pair of culottes with detachable suspenders, a two-piece frock that can be styled five ways, and a double-breasted vest that also works as a dress.

“It was important for us to make everything responsibly, so we decided to manufacture our first collection in the United States from eco-friendly fabrics,” Bartlett said. “Every fabric has some impact on the environment, so we had to find a the materials that we felt had the least negative affect and were still a good fit for the designs.”

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Tencel, a manmade fiber derived from fast-growing eucalyptus trees, made the cut for its silky hand and low-impact profile.

“Tencel is our favorite fabric, because it uses sustainably harvested wood materials that are processed in a closed-loop system where the solvents are recycled,” Bartlett said. “It also uses less water than other fabrics, and it’s biodegradable.”

Despite the multifunctional nature of the collection, Vetta is meant to be easy to wear with neither fuss nor muss.

“It’s not as complicated as some of the other convertible designs that you’ve seen, like a wrap dress you can wear fifty ways,” van Zyl said. “We focused on
really simple and wearable designs that give you more value and make your life easier.”

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