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Despite its infantile moniker, the bib necklace is making grownups drool—in a good way. With its uncanny ability to add instant oomph to even the most ho-hum of ensembles, fall’s hottest accessory is a way to amp up the drama of your existing wardrobe without blowing a lot of cash. From polished brass chains to pearl-studded fabric blooms, we’ve rustled up six planet-conscious statement pieces, including one you can make yourself in minutes.

Bib Necklace by Flora Bond on Etsy


Vintage brass filigrees, scavenged rhinestones, Victorian lace, and repurposed fabrics gather together to form a veritable bouquet that marries Old World glamour with pioneer pragmatism. Each rosette is needle-sculpted into shape by hand using one of four techniques, producing a charming, one-of-a-kind accessory that will look equally at home at a wedding, a gallery opening, or Sunday brunch.

+ Sparkle Philosophy $69

+ Flora Bond

Batucada Eco-Plastic Oriental Necklace


Like a three-dimensional Henna tattoo you can sling around your neck, Batucada’s Oriental Necklace (available in crimson or black) melds to your body like a second skin. Made from phthalate-free “eco-plastic,” this flexible, lightweight bauble shares one key feature with its onesie-protecting namesake—it’s washable with soap and water.

+ Oriental Necklace $34.95

+ Batucada

Bib Necklace by Honeydoux at Etsy


Six glass buttons, one of which serves as a toggle clasp, dangle winsomely from a trio of brass chains and vintage rope rings. Designed by a pair of sisters, who use mounting techniques that preserve the integrity of the buttons, the Crystal Button Bib Necklace can be paired with an above-the-knee shift dress, leggings, and ankle booties for a swank Upper East Side-meets-Billyburg hipster getup.

+ Crystal Button Bib Necklace $84

+ Honeydoux

Selmin Bib Necklace by White Owl


A swathe of delicate embroidered lace, flanked by a pair of kelly-green beads, dresses up a length of brass chain to create a look that is at once bold and demure. White Owl, another sister collaboration, mines its materials from flea markets, estate sales, and elderly relatives, then coaxes its creations to inhabit the space between antiquity and the 21st century.

+ Selmin $28

+ White Owl

The Andean Collection Acai Necklace


Açai doesn’t just belong in your breakfast power smoothie. The Açai Necklace by the Andean Collection drips with a cascade of hand-dyed seeds, sustainably gathered from the rainforests of South America. A pending member of the Fair Trade Federation, the Andean Collection’s vibrant, jewel-tone trinkets are handcrafted by Ecuadorian artisans who have a 10 percent financial stake in the company.

+ Acai Necklace $49

+ The Andean Collection

DIY Ruffle Necklace by Happy Together


More time than money? You can make your own bib necklace with a long swatch of fabric, a necklace chain, a safety pin, and 10 minutes to spare. Happy Together has a step-by-step tutorial—complete with photographs—to show you how it’s done.

+ DIY Ruffle Necklace

+ Happy Together