The Uniform Project’s Sheena Matheiken is splashing out for New York Fashion Week—or in her own words, “seven days of fierce”—in a big way. As under-the-tent hysteria shifts into full throttle, the sartorial chameleon has hooked up with seven New York-based ethical designers (Study NY, Bahar Shahpar, SANS, Scully, Helena Fredriksson, and Suno) to put their own twist on the little black dress she has worn for the past nine months.

The Uniform Project, New York Fashion Week, Sheena Matheiken, SANS, Suno, Study NY, Scully, Helena Fredriksson, Bahar Shahpar


“While entirely unique in their aesthetic, the designers are all driven by the shared view that the fashion industry is in need of a serious internal makeover,” Matheiken says in a press release. Each piece will be accompanied by a blog post that profiles each designer’s position on sustainability in fashion. (Our favorite so far has to be Tara St. James’ cartoon raison d’etre, drawn by her boyfriend.)

“The fashion industry is in need of a serious makeover.”

The designers will be donating select items to The Uniform Project’s upcoming accessory auction; all proceeds will benefit the Akansha Foundation, which pays for the educational expenses (including uniforms) for children living in India’s slums.

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