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Protect your noggin with a lightweight, eco-friendly hat that shades you from that mass of incandescent gas above. Thanks to wedding revelers across the pond, headwear has never been hotter, but they can certainly keep things cool when your internal thermometer nears boiling point. A tip of our floppy, wide-brimmed hats to these seven fabulous toppers, ethically made from sustainable materials (seagrass, straw, organic cotton) to ward off the summertime swelter at the beach, in the garden, or the street.


1. Narrow Brim Fedora by Pachacuti (V)

2. Eden Hat by Goorin Bros. (V)

3. Side Car Hat by Tracy Watts

4. Palmer Fedora by Bailey (V)

5. Stingy Brim Trilby by Pendleton (V)

6. Wood Sun Hat by Lina Rennell (V)

7. Vintage Sun Hat by Moaning Minnie (V)

* (V) denotes vegan-friendly options.