No matter how evolved we think we are, there’s nothing like something shiny to send our reptilian hindbrains into paroxysms of glee. All that glitters may not be gold, but for the silver belles in your life, here are seven sustainable jewelry gifts guaranteed to bring out the festive spirit.

Terrazzo necklaces by Jessica Alon


Bellisimo! Jessie Alon’s exquisite handcrafted baubles are cast using a 15th century Venetian technique known as terrazzo (Italian for “terrace”). Made from a mixture of reclaimed marble and recycled glass, her Wheel of Life necklaces are a fusion of Old World grandeur and modern verve.

+ Wheel of Life Necklace $48 at UncommonGoods

+ Jessica Alon

Vintage Zipper Teardrop Earrings by Amalia Versaci


For bling with repurposed zing, look no further than Amalia Versaci’s triple-tiered zipper-tape teardrop earrings, which are made from three vintage zippers with contrasting colors and textures. A surefire conversation starter, each earring is hand-sewn tier by tier, then dangled from sterling-silver jump rings and ear wires.

+ Vintage Zipper Teardrop Earrings $26

+ Amalia Versaci

Bayeux Lace Necklace by Fox and Clover


There’s nothing grannyish about Fox & Clover’s doily-inspired pendant, which designer Sabrina Baissas hand-paints on 100 percent reclaimed glass using a fine-tipped quill pen. Fired in a kiln at 1,300 degrees Fahrenheit, the lace motif is fused permanently to the glass, so it’ll never scratch or fade. The glass itself comes from a discarded picture frame, which Basissas cuts, shapes, and polishes by hand to produce its glossy luster.

+ Bayeux Lace Necklace $38

+ Fox & Clover

Duo Ring by Kirsten Muenster


Cast in recycled silver, a pair of oxidized conical shells perch cozily atop a gleaming, hand-finished band. The Duo ring is reflective of designer Kirsten Muenster’s love of natural, perfectly imperfect forms. “I strive to create wearable landscapes,” Muenster says.

+ Duo Ring $250

+ Kirsten Muenster

Prismera Gossamer Earrings


Prismera’s delicate yet structurally exacting Gossamer earrings, drawn from floral silhouettes, are cut from recycled stainless steel, then plated with 14-carat gold. A sublime marriage of industrial and botanical, the earrings get a punch of color from a pair of ruby cubic zirconia drops fastened beneath.

+ Gossamer Earrings $80

+ Prismera Design

Stingray Textured Cuff by Alkemie


This Stingray Textured Cuff by Alkemie, forged from 100 percent recycled metals, gives faux a good name. Plus, it’s made locally in California by a husband-and-wife design team. The handsome wrist adornment can also be cast in recycled gold or silver on request.

+ Stingray Textured Cuff $152 at eConscious Market

+ Alkemie

Wear Your Music guitar-string bracelet


Get up close and personal with your favorite music makers—without risking a restraining order—by wearing bracelets fashioned from their discarded guitar strings. (A recycled silver band bearing your rock god or goddess’s initials holds everything together.) The gang’s all here, from Ani DiFranco to Willie Nelson, at prices starting at $50. Another plus: All proceeds are donated to a charity of the artist’s choice.

+ Wear Your Music