If you’re raring to rebuild your youthful street cred, but you’re not exactly crusin’ for a bruisin’, take a gander at these statement accessories made from recycled skateboards. Retired from their skate-park hijinks and artfully transformed into bags, bangles, earrings, cuff links, and belt buckles, these seven upcycled wearables come complete with every scratch and scuff from their storied pasts—so you can deck yourself before you wreck yourself.

Skateboard bag by Beck(y) Sk8tebags


Beck Hickey, founder of Beck(y), likens her one-of-a-kind bags and accessories to wearable art, not unlike the skateboards they’re made from. It’s the juxtaposition of weathered, beat-up boards with luxurious textiles like silk that excites the designer, who hand-crafts her wares in her New York City workshop. Her clutch, which maintains much of the integrity of the original deck, is lined with satin and bears a nickel clasp.

+ Clutch $100

+ Beck(y)

RePly skateboard shoes by Kris Lovett


For Kris Lovett, a University of the Arts in Philadelphia graduate and an avid skater, the graceful geometry of a skateboard lined up perfectly with the curve of a woman’s shoe. His RePly collection of pumps, platforms, and clogs, which he created for his senior thesis, showcase the boards’ original multicolored hues, with sizzling bands of colors that imbue the feminine silhouettes with youthful vim.

+ RePly

+ Kris Lovett

Skateboard necklace by Seven Ply


Seven Ply’s mission: To turn thrash’n into fashion. Founded by the wife of a skateboarder, Seven Ply recycles old and damaged decks into chic pieces that belie their rough-and-tumble origin. The Free Bird is a dainty disc that has been cut, sanded, and resealed, then paired with a sweet bird charm.

+ Free Bird Necklace $22

+ Seven Ply

Skateboard rings by Skate or DIY


Skate or DIY’s custom repurposed-skateboard rings have been hand-cut, sanded to 3/8-inch thickness, and sealed to ward off the elements. Available in several color combinations for the sk8ter boi or gal in your life—including black/natural, purple/natural, and red/red—the rings are said to more durable than regular wood and built to last.

+ Skate or DIY

Skateboard necklace by 2ReVert


Bangles, pendants, earrings, and cufflinks—all made from 100 percent post-consumer recycled skateboards—abound at 2ReVert, which uses a nontoxic, vegan gloss to protect its wearables. The label’s reversible circle necklaces are two pieces in one, with one side that features the erstwhile deck’s eye-popping graphics and the other showcasing the skateboard’s inner layers.

+ Reversible 2-in-1 Circle Necklace $26

+ 2ReVert

Skateboard disk earrings by MapleXO


Dubbed the original skateboard jewelry company, MapleXO believes in preserving landfill space in style with its extensive range of accessories that flaunt their skate-park battle scars. The circular Disk Earrings can be worn two ways: with the natural side facing out or displaying the brilliant graphics, grind marks and all.

+ Disk Earrings $36

+ MapleXO

Recycled belt buckle from MuKee


Every scratch, ding, and dent is lovingly displayed on MuKee’s belt buckle, which can be slipped onto a favorite belt for an instant update. All seven layers that comprise the deck are on full display, with every scuff bearing a story of its own.

+ Belt Buckle $36

+ MuKee