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Anna Taylor, a knitter with a heart of gold, has spent the better part of the last nine years knitting sweaters for the needy. Since February of 2006, The Cullen, Virginia native has worked tirelessly, knitting warm sweaters in her spare time for needy children across the world. The toil of Taylor’s work has reached a new milestone, as she boxes up her 1000th sweater for those in need!

Taylor’s sweater obsession began when she answered an ad in Guidepost Magazine looking for charitable knitters to make warm clothes for kids around the globe. With the support of her family and friends, she began knitting, at first aiming to send out a shipment of 25 cozy sweaters to the charity. Twenty five quickly turned into one hundred, and before long, Taylor set a goal to hand knit 1000 sweaters before calling it quits.

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Each month, her knitting duties were partially funded through the donations of family and friends, who would either supply Taylor with yarn, or help out with postage costs. She began breaking down mini goals into shipments of twenty five sweaters. For each shipment, she was sent back hand written thank you cards, and pictures of children wearing her knitted creations.

For her final shipment, Taylor quadrupled her usual, sending one hundred sweaters to complete her ridiculously generous goal of one thousand sweaters. Before she gets back to knitting anymore, the 87 year old plans to take a break, read a good book and clean her house!

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