Photo by Andy Holzman/Lapresse

At the ripe old age of 10, Cecilia Cassini might be the youngest fashion designer in America…and perhaps the world. Many of her pieces are even made with repurposed fabrics plundered from the closets of her mother and older sister. Let’s just hope she asked them first. (TreeHugger)

Made-By is celebrating its fifth anniversary with a line of limited-edition line of tees from EDUN. (Marie Claire)

The runways were awash in fur this season. But are designers being duped by clever marketing ploys, including the dubious-sounding “Fur is Green” campaign? (New York Times and The Discerning Brute)

A new fashion boutique in California doesn’t want shoppers—just swappers. (Mother Nature News)

Burn Notice actress Gabrielle Anwar admits that she’s a “vintage fashion freak” and hates chemicals on her face. But what do Wombles have to do with her new low-impact lifestyle? (EcoStiletto)