If you’re looking for clothing that’s a bit more unique, considering bespoke clothes made by Abstract, which utilizes your webcam and your handwriting sample to generate bespoke textiles. The Abstract group, made up of fashion designer Julie Helles Eriksen, interaction designer Bjørn Karmann, and textile designer Kristine Boesen, has come up with a line of clothes all based on your own unique personality. Abstract’s goal was to involve the consumer more intimately into the design process while offering a product that tells a personal story.

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The Danish designers created Abstract as part of their Bachelor project for their degree at Kolding Design School and as a way to involve the customer in the design of their clothes. The trio created a web portal that took a picture of the customer via the webcam. The customer was also asked to write a small story about anything that was personal to them. Then an algorithm created a custom textile based upon the mood of the person, the rhythm of their writing, and the words used.

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Once the algorithm creates the textile, the user can view it through the web shop and then use it to make a custom piece of clothing. At the time of the project, Abstract offered five different options including a jacket, skirt, shirt, pants and a sweater. The customer can increase or decrease the size of the pattern on the piece of clothing and place it where they want. Then the order is sent off, where it is custom made and returned with your personal story attached on the tag.

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