Peter Dinklage wants to see an end to cosmetics tests on animals in the United States. The Emmy– and Golden Globe Award-winning actor, who plays charismatic antihero Tyrion Lannister on HBO’s Game of Thrones, has teamed up with Cruelty-Free International to denounce the continued use of animals to develop everyday beauty and personal-care products. Dinklage joins fellow celebrities Joss Stone and Ricky Gervais in promoting humane, non-animal alternatives, such as human-cell and -tissue cultures and computer models.

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Together with the animal-rights group, Dinklage is urging the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to follow Europe’s lead and ban the use of “painful and fatal” tests involving rabbits, guinea pigs, mice and rats who are injected, gassed, force-fed, and killed for cosmetics.

Dinklage is urging the FDA to follow Europe’s lead and ban the use of “painful and fatal” animal tests.

“I am so pleased to support Cruelty-Free International and be part of the global campaign to end cosmetics tests on animals,” Dinklage says in a statement. “It is unacceptable that animals continue to suffer around the world, including the United States of America, for the sake of beauty. I appeal to the U.S.A. to follow the European Union’s lead and end animal testing for cosmetics.”

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