For Robin Wright, a pair of pajamas isn’t just a symbol of comfort and security; it can also be an instrument for helping women across the globe. The actress-activist, who considers safety a fundamental human right, has has teamed up with her longtime friend, designer Karen Fowler, to create a sleepwear label that benefits victims of violence in the Republic of Congo. Pour Les Femmes, which features delicate nightgowns, robes, and separates in the “finest”—albeit conventional—cotton, contributes up to 100 percent of its profits to Action Kivu and Synergie des Femmes, two human-rights organizations that provide aid to Congolese women.

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Wright and Fowler


“Pour Les Femmes is so much more than a women’s sleepwear company—this is something I believe in because we help address the basic right of a woman to feel safe in her environment,” Wright, who currently stars in Netflix’s House of Cards, says in a statement. “Safety—that’s just an issue that I take for granted sometimes. But the women in the Congo don’t—because they can’t.”

Pour Les Femmes is available Stateside at Caylpso St. Barth, at Selfridges in the United Kingdom, and online at

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[Via British Vogue]