Busy bees will make way for vampy bats at Ada Zanditon’s first solo runway show at London Fashion Week on Tuesday. “Echolocation,” Zanditon tells British Vogue, will explore the mysterious inhabitants of this “sultry nocturnal world.” (British Vogue)

Organic cotton production may have jumped 20 percent this past year, but it’s no reason to get cocky. The global economic downturn resulted in vast unsold stocks, with an estimated 17 to 22 percent of production still looking for forever homes. (Ecotextile News)

Fun fact about our fave eco-model Summer Rayne Oakes: The erstwhile entomologist keeps Madagascar hissing cockroaches, red-backed darkling beetles, and blue death-feigning beetles for pets. Names? “I always have a Hercules and an Attila the Hun around,” Oakes tells OnEarth. (OnEarth)

How green is your fashion sense, smartypants? Figure out your eco-fashion IQ with this quiz from the National Resources Defense Council. (Simple Steps)

Our love for Bodkin’s Eviana Hartman holds no bounds. This mini-film by Mercedes-Benz TV for New York Fashion Week captures our clotheshorse cutie’s spunk and wit to a T. (Mercedes-Benz TV)