Pity the ring binder. Once a mainstay of offices everywhere, the archival tool is quickly headed the way of the Rolodex. Ad:Acta wants to press them into service again. The German company salvages castoff binders and turns them into one-of-a-kind carryalls, including handbags, briefcases, and—irony of ironies—laptop totes. Ad:Acta dusts off each binder, frees it from its ring clamp, and applies a protective coating to guard against inclement weather. Despite the addition of hand-stitched leather and fabric, each bag maintains the original folder’s mottled patina as a badge of honor.

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The inaugural collection includes seven designs, perfect for corralling all manner of 21st century miscellany. “For years, each file folder sheltered important, informative and even mysterious things,” according to Carsten Fichtel and Tobias Förtsch, the company’s founders and the principals of Casitoo Design. “Often they are treated carelessly, even stuffed with yellowed boring paper. [With the arrival of the] digital age, tons of folders are thrown away and destroyed every year. And as a result, each story described by each unique folder is destroyed, as well.”

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