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“Primeknit is a technology that is right at the heart of adidas innovation and we’re excited about introducing this development into football,” says Markus Baumann, senior vice president for global football at Adidas, says in a statement. “By producing the world’s first knitted football boot we have provided a brand new solution to the search for higher levels of comfort and flexibility.”

Adidas’s “Primeknit” technique bears more than a few passing similarities to Nike’s “Flyknit” technology.

Adidas’s Primeknit technique bears more than a few passing similarities to Nike’s “Flyknit” technology, which premiered in February 2012. Adidas introduced its version five months later, a week before the London Olympics.

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A legal battle between the brands soon ensued, with Nike crying patent infringement on the one hand and Adidas arguing that people have been fusing yarn to make shoe uppers since the 1940s on the other. A court in Nuremberg, Germany, eventually rejected Nike’s request for an injunction against Adidas.

Although Nike has previously teased its own knitted football boot, the point goes to Adidas for making a formal announcement first. It doesn’t hurt that Adidas has Luis Suarez on its side. The Liverpool striker will don the shoe on the soccer field next month, ahead of its March 17 release at select retailers .

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