Chromat had more than its shape-shifting “Adrenaline” dress up its sleeve at New York Fashion Week on Friday. The label also took to the runway to unveil the “Aeros,” a high-tech sports bra that responds to changes in respiration, body temperature, and sweat. Embedded with Intel’s “Curie” microchip, the undergarment features tiny air vents that open to cool the wearer down during vigorous exercise, preventing overheating.


The Aeros comprises soft Lycra, mesh, and neoprene that leverages a “shape memory alloy” to adapt and respond to subtle changes in the wearer’s body chemistry.

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Beca McCharen, founder of Chromat, believes that “elevating” the utility of clothing and accessories with a certain intelligence can be empowering.

“The sports bra can intuitively respond to perspiration, respiration, and body temperature,” she wrote on her website. “This responsive clothing enables the wearer to break through barriers such as overheating to achieve peak performance.”

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