A Japanese swimsuit maker has just unveiled a new line of anti-radiation underwear and wetsuits that can protect you from contamination. With Fukushima still very much at the forefront of everyone’s mind, these special line of clothes are designed to protect people from harmful beta ang gamma rays. The Yamamoto Corporation, who is behind this new endeavor, designed the products for workers and those helping clean up after the disaster, but we can easily imagine these being worn by many other people who are concerned about another nuclear meltdown.

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The Fukushima nuclear disaster happened over a year and a half ago after the massive earthquake and tsunami that affected Japan. Cleanup is still ongoing, the nuclear plant is still offline and the entire world is concerned about the damaging effects of its radiation. To help those working in and around the area, the Yamamoto Corporation has unveiled a new line of radiation-proof wearables – a pair of underwear and a wetsuit.

The lead underwear is a diaper-like swath that covers the genitals, abdomen and lower spine, which are particularly susceptible to gamma radiation. The wetsuit is made from a special synthetic rubber material fortified with carbon to block beta rays that are found in contaminated water. Seams are completely fused so no water can seep and the suit has double protection around the feet and ankles. Both items are lightweight and flexible so they are not uncomfortable to wear for extended periods of time while working.

According to Kotaku, the Yamamoto Corporation will begin selling the items in November and will cost 105,000 yen (US$1,072) for the wetsuit and 80,850 yen ($825) the underwear.

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