The military may live by the expression “no man left behind,” but extracting injured troops from war zones is often easier said than done. An Israeli-U.S. company known as Agilite, however, has devised a lightweight rescue harness that might make the load easier to bear. A high-tensile plastic-cord system with bungee-like properties, the Injured Personnel Carrier is designed to allow troops to carry a fallen comrade by “wearing” him like a human backpack. Although the strap weighs only 0.77 pound, Agilite claims it can hold up to 2,000. Unlike other search-and-rescue equipment, the IPC is hands-free, allowing rescuers to move unencumbered—operating weaponry if need be—as they head for safety.


Founded by Israeli Special Forces and U.S. Army veterans, Agilite designs its wares in Israel and manufactures them in the United States for the “ultimate combination of breakthrough design and the highest quality manufacturing on earth,” according to the company.

The carrier has potential applications in search-and-rescue operations, emergency services, and even personal travel.

Although Agilite’s clientele consists primarily of military forces, the IPC has potential applications in search-and-rescue operations, disaster relief, emergency services, and even personal travel (hikers who frequent rough terrain are one group that spring to mind). Cruise-ship staff have also purchased the carrier for its versatility in a confined space. It short on bells and whistles to be sure, but the IPC takes up less room than a stretcher and is less unwieldy than a fireman’s carry. Another plus? The heavy straps help lift the injured party off the ground.

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