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By synthesizing fashion, fine art, product design and social commentary, Prat allows her simple yet powerful designs serve as the backdrop for her potent point of view. The collection, Prat tells Yatzer, telegraphs the “cold and dark atmosphere where the beauty of the mutations and the defense mechanisms that its inhabitants embrace is to be seen.”

“Synthetic Oceans” comprises muted grays and contours that rise and fall like the waves of the ocean.

With cool, muted grays like the sea on a cloudy day, along with contours that rise and fall like the waves of the ocean, Prat’s unconventional wetsuits are the visual seeds that carry her message to the observer. Although neoprene is a chemical-based textile, Prat chose it because of its insulating nature, particularly against frigid waters—her original inspiration.

+ Alba Prat

[Via Yatzer]