ALCANTARA \?al kan tära\

n 1 a: A certified-carbon-neutral fabric with the versatility to be used in fashion, automotive, interior decor, and consumer electronics application. b. A combination of raw materials, all authorized by the European Union REACH regulation, from suppliers that comply with the company’s trademarked SA8000® procurement guidelines on sustainability and transparency. c. The primary material manufactured by the Italian Alcantara company, a sustainable manufacture that outlines the company’s environmental goals in detailed reports. 2a: Highly resilient fabric that has been tested to stand up to 20,000 sittings when used as a surface on a chair. b: A non-toxic materials well suited for making bags, hats, shoes and belts, because it is breathable and safe for contact with the skin. 3a: The focus of a recent workshop for students at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology, where the material was used in original ways to create innovative fashions. b: The proposed fabric for four Autumn/Winter 2014 collections inspired by a range of sources like big prints, medieval ornament, and even traditional Mongolian pleating.