What is once trash becomes treasure. Hong Kong-based manufacturer, Alchemist Creations takes this saying to heart with their collections of sustainable, upcycled products all crafted from discarded materials and mainly, recycled aluminum. Founded by 3 young designers in 2012, Alchemist Creations redesigns basic products into beautiful, sustainable goods utilizing social responsibility and artistic innovation. Past projects range from neckties, laptop sleeves, and purses using all recycled materials.

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The brand’s latest product is the Can Watch S, the world’s first watch made from recycled soda cans and leather remnants. Alchemist Creations’ Can Watch S artfully brings together the functionality of a traditional watch and the raw elegance of recycled materials, while still evoking the familiar design and simple form of soda cans. This unique, sustainable watch design was recently awarded a coveted Red Dot Design Award for “Best of the Best 2013” in the jewelry and watches category.

The Can Watch S is the first upcycled product in which Alchemist Creations is aiming to produce on a larger scale.

Alchemist Creations promotes their philosophy of “Turn Neglect into Shine” by providing work opportunities to disabled and special needs adults in their workshops. Collaborating with a local Hong Kong NGO, Alchemist Creations allows these individuals, often neglected and under-privileged, to nurture their potentials and raise their confidence. Alchemist Creations is leading the path to sustainable, innovative designs while providing socially responsible ways to help to improve people’s lives and give back to communities.

+ Can Watch $105-$136

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