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Even from a young age, Bremer found inspiration in art. While she intended to study graphic design, a stint in metals at the University of Texas at El Paso convinced her that metalsmithing was her calling. Today, Bremer finds her muse in the energy and diversity of New York City, where she now lives, as well as from her own Mexican heritage.

Bremer finds her muse in the energy and diversity of New York City, as well as her own Mexican heritage.

Her current collections include “Old & Found,” a celebration of the thing we abandon: buttons, soda cans, even bronze figures Bremer found in the city of Puebla in Mexico. “Mexican Finds” comprises iconic Latin imagery, textures, and colors that pay homage to the designer’s homeland. Most of the materials have a story behind them. A boot cobbler from Ciudad Juarez, one of the most violent cities in Mexico, donated the scrap leather, for instance. Salvaged pieces from a forgotten Mexican board game, reused mercado bags, and even bottle caps from local soda brands have a place in Bremer’s creations. Even the silver frames used in the line are a modern take on colonial pottery patterns.

For her “Knots & Silver” collection, Bremer uses cotton-fabric scraps to create one-of-a-kind necklaces.”When I saw all those fascinating color schemes on the fabrics going to waste, I felt the necessity to make something out of them, something with movement and presence,” she says. “Vintage” reflects Bremer’s love of the graphic arts. The range features a cache of Victorian rub-ons, used by graphic designers before the age of computers.

Bremer doesn’t just make jewelry; she creates narratives.”I expect my pieces to be a medium of reflection of the world we live in, the world we have created for ourselves, and the world we have become accustomed to,” she says.

The designer’s jewelry can be found online, at select brick-and-mortar boutiques, and at pop-up markets in and around New York City.

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