Actress Alicia Silverstone names her favorite eco-designers. Here’s a hint: One of them begins with “Stella” and ends with “McCartney.” (EcoStiletto)

He chutes, he scores: Christopher Raeburn’s eye-popping neon raingear is made from used parachutes. (TreeHugger)

New Balance gears up with a pair of rice-husk-rubber kicks that are green in hue and green in nature. (Ecofabulous)

The aforementioned MIss Mac calls designers who use fur and leather “heartless.” (Ethical Style)

Are you an ethical fall fashionista? (The GirlieGirl Army)

Make the best kind of fashion statement with Pivot’s sustainable-clothing campaign. (Chicago Sun-Times)

U.K. folks: EDUN is teaming up with Dazed & Confused to launch a series of women’s tees and T-shirt dresses that benefit War Child. (Dazed Digital)

MindBodyGreen dubs John Patrick of Organic the “King of Sustainable Style”—can’t say we disagree! (MindBodyGreen)

Here’s another reason to BYOB (that’s Bring Your Own Bag, for the acronym-challenged): Fear the wrath of the Bag Monster! (Summer Rayne Oakes)