The idea of ‘Going local’ is growing ever more popular in the US fashion industry with consumers demanding to know where their clothes are manufactured. Now All American Clothing Co. has announced a collection that we can trace back to their origin. This means that each pair of jeans made can be traced all the way back to the American farmers who grew the cotton via the internet using a trace ability number, giving the idea of local production a modern edge. What a great idea to prove the jeans are indeed all-American.

Each pair of jeans from the Ohio-based company comes complete with a “Certificate of Authenticity” whereby customers can enter a trace ability number into the website and find out which farmers and mill were involved in production. All American’s press release states that they are one of the first jean manufacturer in the world “to offer consumers ‘Proof of USA Trace ability Technology.'”

The retailer prides itself on producing clothing that is ‘Grown and Sewn’ in the USA, and this idea remains at the core of the company. With the aim of supporting American families and jobs by “producing high-quality clothing in the USA at an affordable price” the website says that this ensures jobs and taxes help to support local communities.

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