Drugstore cosmetics line Almay’s “Almay Simply American” campaign has advertising sleuths Truthinadverting.org (TINA.org) up in arms, as the line largely fails to be in fact produced in the United States of America. Produced by the Revlon cosmetics company, it has been revealed that over 95 percent of the Almay line does not meet the legal standard to be claimed “Made in the USA” on labels. This false advertising is being challenged by TINA.org, with a deceptive advertising complaint against Revlon that was filed last week.

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The Almay Simply American campaign has hit print advertisements and television commercials, with popular country singer Carrie Underwood as their spokesperson. In one ad, Underwood advertises seven Almay products as being Simply American, but TINA.org has revealed that three of the seven are actually fully produced in other countries. The remainder, like many of the Simply American products, are “made in the USA with U.S. and non-U.S. components.” Despite listing this “non-U.S.” origin for some of the ingredients and components, the company does not site the specifics on just where these elements are derived from, on cosmetic labels, or Almay’s website.

Almay continues to claim to be “Truly an American brand,” marketing itself as being totally made in the U.S.A. TINA.org filed complains with the FTC and the New York Attorney General, asking each to force Almay to end the deception that their products are totally manufactured in the U.S.A.

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