Easy, tiger. Put your wrists where we can see them and step away from the Silly Bandz, nice and slow. Geneva-based watchmaker Altanus has a more creative solution for accessorizing with color on the cheap. Its new Patch timepiece, hailed by the almost-centenarian company as the world’s first paper watch, is available in 10 neon colors and a litany of seasonal prints. Plus, each epidermis-hugging watch costs €24, or roughly $33.50 at current exchange rates—more than half the price of a Swatch and a mere fraction of Altanus’ typical luxury chronometers.

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The Patch, which was inspired by the papier-mâché floats at the annual Carnival festival in Viareggio, Tuscandy, took four years of research and development to create. Weighing only 11 grams (0.3 ounce), the LED ticker is designed to adapt to your wrist like a second skin. But don’t pooh-pooh the timepiece as the next fad in disposable fashion. The Patch is treated with a coating that makes it waterproof and shock- and tear-resistant, which means that with a little TLC, it should stand the test of, well, time.

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[Via WWD]