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Modern prints and a cohesive color palette of seafoam, blue coral, and shell also imbue the pieces with a wearability that extends beyond the studio or gym. And if affirmations are your bag, you’ll find inspirational messages like “aim high” and “show your strength” concealed within each garment.

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“Move is truly a line designed for her by her,” Ruiz says in a statement. “We spent time with women who live active and busy lives and gained insights into what they need for and get from their movement. We were inspired by both the tangible and intangible benefits, like strength, confidence, empowerment and, femininity, and used what we learned to shape the direction of Move. The result is a collection that naturally complements her in all situations and can transition with her throughout the day. And just like the women who wear it, Move will continue to grow and develop over time. We are proud of this first introduction and are excited to evolve Move in future seasons.”

Just one (pretty major) downside: Plus sizes aren’t on the cards just yet.

The collection will drop in stores July 21, with prices ranging from $40 to $98.

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