American Apparel will be launching an eBay storefront in September as part of the beleaguered label’s strategy to expand distribution beyond its own stores. (WWD)

Responding to a Greenpeace challenge, Puma has publicly committed to eliminating all hazardous effluent from its product life cycle and global supply chain by 2020. (Greenpeace)

While made-in-America is having a resurgence Stateside, made-in-Britain is experiencing a similar renaissance across the pond. (Telegraph)

How do you tell haute couture from the pretenders? Sewing expert Claire Shaeffer demonstrates. (On Pins and Needles)

Kenya will reap its first crop of genetically modified cotton in 2014. Does anyone else have a bad feeling about this? (Fibre2Fashion)


” I despise cheap, poor-quality, disposable fashion that exploits workers in poor parts of the world so that Western consumers can toss once-worn items into landfill. It’s obscene.”

BioCouture designer Suzanne Lee, speaking to The Atlantic, on the design trend she wishes would go away.