Admit it, deep down, you’ve always been a scarf and bandana hoarder. The itch to give your ensemble the proverbial kick always leads to a strikingly printed little square. With Anamu’s recycled-bandana clutches and cuffs, you can have your fix and wear it, too, which means you can pare your avalanche of natty neckerchiefs down to a more manageable drift.

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If anyone can empathize with your scarf fixation, it’s Anamu’s founder and designer, Ana Maria Muñoz. Driven by a need to collect and—lucky for you—recycle everyone’s favorite accessory, Muñoz debuted her collection of repurposed accessories in 2009.

Each Southwest-inspired piece in Anamu’s “Go Native” line resonates with history and vintage flair.

The Australia native and resident Angeleno graduated from California State University, Northridge with a bachelor’s degree in merchandising and a minor in business marketing.  A background in all things fashion and an affinity for flea market culture inspired her collection, which, needless to say, is lovingly made from repurposed materials

Each Southwest-inspired piece in her “Go Native” line resonates with history and vintage flair yet remains undeniably modern—the perfect testament to classic Americana from the neck down.

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