As if in anticipation of pearl-clutchers who may regard her choice of medium a tad sacrilegious, Mathis points out that banknotes generally circulate for a period of 18 months before they’re decommissioned and destroyed. (The banknotes Mathis used were already destined for disposal, natch.)

With digital payments on the rise, physical currency also faces becoming obsolete. “As the world’s economic heavyweights progress further, what will become of money as we know it?” she asked on her website.

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Mathis envisions a future where currency, stripped of its monetary value, becomes just another resource ripe for repurposing.

“Money is, in itself, nothing more than a piece of paper or a shiny coin,” she said. “The economies of the world give currencies form, but their tangibility isn’t necessary for their assigned values.”

+ Angela Mathis