Two-wheeling glamour-pusses don’t have to go cruising for a bruising whenever they let style trump safety. Angella Mackey’s LED Bike Jacket compromises neither form nor function, with subtle LED embellishments that accentuate, not dominate. And unlike the majority of apparel for cyclists, Mackey’s coat radiates feminine sophistication, with a kinked waist that flares just above the hips, ruffled shoulder edging, and a contrasting full-length zipper.

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The pinpoints of light, which flash white in front and red at the back, can be turned on and off with controls embedded in the lower sleeve. Anchored by magnets, the switching mechanism requires only a tap to your forearm. The smooth move also exposes a reflective strip, which serves as a visual reminder that you’re live and broadcasting.

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[Via Fashioning Technology]