A strategically tossed can of red paint wasn’t enough for one Ohioan animal activist. Meredith Marie Lowell, a 27-year-old woman from Cleveland Heights, was arrested on Tuesday for attempting to hire a hit man on Facebook. Her target? Any random person—”older than 12, preferably older than 14 years old”—who happened to be wearing fur. Lowell, who posted under the alias “Anne Lowery,” became more explicit when an undercover federal agent contacted her in the guise of a gun for hire. Lowell allegedly requested that the homicide take place at a local library and that she be present so she could distribute fliers about animal cruelty afterwards.

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Lowell told the agent that she didn’t have any money but could offer $100 in cash and some jewelry as payment, a total value of $730. Still you can’t say the woman didn’t have some boundaries. “I am paying you $730 to kill one person wearing fur who is 12 or older—hopefully at least 14 years, however 12 years old or older is fine,” she wrote to him in an email. She also stated that the victim should die in less than two minutes but not be “anyone I currently know and definitely should not be anyone my family knows,” because that would be awkward.

Lowell stated that the victim should die in less than two minutes but not be anyone she or her family knew.

What Lowell thought would transpire after handing out anti-fur literature après-crime is anyone’s guess, but an affidavit notes that she had at one point compared herself to civil rights activist Rosa Parks. During one exchange, she asked the agent for names of animal-rights activists who could help her free test animals from the Cleveland Clinic. She also grilled him on the difference between “animals being tortured in research and humans who were used in experiments in the World War II Holocaust.”

In April 2011, Lowell allegedly sent an email to the Cleveland Heights police indicating that she was “investigating the fur industry and believes the police should also conduct an investigation,” per the affidavit. Extremists are frightening, no matter how righteous they presume their cause. Here’s hoping that Lowell will be locked away for awhile, preferably without access to Facebook or that jewelry stash of hers.

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