So many eco-fashion enthusiasts entered our contest to win this yummy Dirty Librarian Chains recycled chain necklace that it was truly a task to choose just one lucky winner. To recap, we asked YOU, our amazing readers, to share the ways you incorporate eco-fashion into your wardrobes and lead a greener lifestyle. We dug through all of the great responses to pluck out the one that truly deserves to wear this shimmering, one-of-a-kind necklace. So without further ado, the moment you’ve all been waiting for…the winner is…


In kahlileo’s own words, the reason she deserves to win is:

“I absolutely NEED this necklace. As a New England transplant to Saint Louis, I don’t quite get the same breath-taking Fall season foliage.

I have carried with me my ‘green’ ways, and implemented them thoroughly throughout my life. I recently graduated with a degree in Commercial Interior Design with a focus on sustainable design. I plan to become a LEED-AP professional. I am part of the 2010imperative and the 2030challenge (

As a recent graduate in a rough economy, I am ready to turn over a new leaf. I am a new co-organizer for the Local Architecture for Humanity chapter and have found this to be greatly fulfilling. I can’t wait for the construction industry to blossom from this recession so I can start making a difference on a larger scale.

This necklace, to me, is a physical representation of all of every part of this path I am on. I am in a critical stage of life in regards to my future, and I will continue to carry my passion and nurturing self to each and every challenge that I meet.

Again, I absolutely need this necklace.”

Congratulations to kahlileo and stay tuned for more amazing giveways coming your way soon!