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Despite the rigid nature of the materials, Ffrench’s masks have an organic feel. Rather than interlock the bricks like they’re designed to, Ffrench used Velcro to apply them in pile-like conglomerations, “spilling” them across the models’ faces in gravity-defying fashion.

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Each model wore his Lego in a number of amusingly different ways: some like goggles or beards, and others in cyborg-type formations. One memorable construct made a “facehugger” attack from Alien look tame, while another was a formless mass that bordered on the grotesque.

But Lego did more than provide a point of interest for the show; Agi & Sam’s collection had an aesthetic that evoked the childhood toy, as well. One thing’s for sure, the quirky headgear will be the talk of Fashion Weeks to come—not to mention the playground.

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