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Nearly 300 women now work for Rags2Riches. Most of them mothers, the women receive a 40 percent cut of the retail price of each item they make, along with training in personal finance, health insurance, and nutrition. Fifty-four of them even formed a cooperative that owns a share of the company.

The 300 women who work for Rags2Riches receive a 40 percent cut of the retail price of each item they make.

“Ever since we started, Anthropologie has been on the top of our list as a place to be—it’s a whole experience of discovery and every nook of every store is like a peek into another space and time,” Fernandez told British Vogue. “We knew that products as intricate and unique as ours, with our own stories to tell, would do well in Anthropologie. And the awesome thing is, it was not just us who thought so. Partners and customers from the Philippines and abroad would always recommend that we approach them.”

The Rags2Riches for Anthropologie collection is available to purchase online. Prices range from £58 to £98.

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[Via British Vogue]