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Its love of English heritage and craft aside, Antiform is dedicated to creating modern, versatile styles that rebel against banality and have no “sell-by date,” Harrison tells Ecouterre. Antiform’s latest collection, based on its 10 core garment shapes, includes Fisherman sweaters hand-knit from Cornish wool, patchwork dresses derived from vintage curtains, and “hyper-locally” produced Yorkshire Tweed purses.

“The collection has slowly evolved over nearly a decade and continues to refine our core shapes and adapt to the materials we come across and the makers we meet,” Harrison says.

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But no matter how its silhouettes may change, keeping textiles out of the landfill has and will remain a cornerstone of the company’s philosophy.

“The aim of upcycling is to add value by making something more desirable and usable,” Harrison says. “We are constantly challenging what it means to be a sustainable fashion business by doing things differently and engaging in research to understand better the impact we are having.”

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