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Expected to retail for $349 early next year, the Apple Watch will be available in two sizes, three models (the Watch, Watch Sport, and Watch Edition), and a variety of styles. A dial on the right serves as a “digital crown” for control and navigation, as well as a “home” button, although users can also swipe the surface of the curved sapphire-glass touchscreen. Haptic feedback has also been incorporated into the system, vibrating in response to certain actions.

Expected to retail for $349 early next year, the Apple Watch will be available in a variety of styles.

It goes without saying that several of Apple’s tentpole applications—including Siri, Messages, Maps—will feature alongside the new activity and calorie trackers. Hundreds of third-party apps like Twitter and Facebook will be copacetic, as well. You’ll also be able to store music locally, or use the device to direct streams on your iPhone or iPad.

More groundbreaking, the Apple Watch will be compatible with the recently unveiled Apple Pay, which allows users to pay for items from various retailers with one quick scan of the wrist.

While Apple fans have long clamored for an “iWatch” to call their own, the tech giant late entry into wearables means stiff competition from the likes of the Moto 360 and the Samsung Galaxy Gear, not to mention the proliferation of fitness trackers and
“smart” bracelets of late.

Whether the Apple Watch’s features distinguishes it from its rivals remains to be seen. One thing’s for sure: the smartwatch war has only just begun.

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